Overkill is cool, Slugfest is dim-witted

Overkill and Slugfest are the Decepticon mini-cassettes who are brothers created by Soundwave They each have a personality of there own (as according to Bizzaro Link) and Slugfest tends to be a jerk, but Overkill tends to be a guy who is cool (as inspired by his hero, Red Yoshi)


Slugfest seems to be more authoritative and serious than Overkill, and seems to be evil. He also has mood swings between shy, angry, scared, and aggressive, but he is dim-witted and could go on tantrums. Overkill seems to be very hot-headed and eccentric. He has obsessions with many things, especially dinner and Oahing, but he tends to be good fighter and is cool.

Early LifeEdit

Overkill and Slugfest were created around 1985 by Soundwave and served in his service by mid-1985 for years. In 2006, they were called up by an god (no, its not Chuck Norris, but its Primacron's assistant) in response to the threat posed by Tornedron.

War with Hyrule and later lifeEdit

In 2014, they joined Gaston's conspiracy against Hyrule, which was occupied with waging the Form Wars at the time. After the war ended in 2018, the group took advantage of Hyrule's weakened state and launched a successful coup and there sons were born. After the Poopocalypse struckEluryh the next year, Overkill and Slugfest and there allies' defenses were in ruins and Link and Zelda led a mass uprising. In 2020, Overkill and Slugfest, like there friends, were defeated and fled to Lorcan City to stop the process of aging. In 2026, they fought with Frollo and Blue Yoshi in a unsuccessful coup to capture Hyrule and save Gaston and defeat Evil Link, but failed as Frollo was captured and imprisoned in at the Hyrule Cryogenics Center and Blue Yoshi, Red Yoshi and Overkill and Slugfest escaped Hyrule when they realized that Evil Link was no match for Claude Frollo and themselves (except the capturing of the United States of AmericaGermanyMexico and Italy worked well). In 2040 they joined the Galactic Templar and Harkinian Alliance (an democracy loyal to its members) and to get rid of Yoshi and Birdo. In 2202, Overkill and Slugfest, Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi and Simon Templar invaded Hyrule with Zelda to reclaim Hyrule and Blue Yoshi ordered Chuck Norris to kill Woahnam Al-Fari. From 4430 to 4450, they fought in the Gay Wars and nuclear war alongside Simon Templar, Blue Yoshi, Duke Onkled, Fari and Zelda, and when Gay Hitler emerged victorious, in 4450, they escaped Hyrule along with Queen Zelda, Blue Yoshi, Fari, Duke Onkled and Simon Templar along with Hylian elves and humans, thus ending Hyrule. After Hyrule was devastated by nuclear war in 7891, they joined the nightclub (Blue Yoshi & Red Yoshi nightclub) and they fought in the Fourth Hylian Civil War against Yoshi's descendants and the group successfully took over it again. They escaped to the alternative universe (The universe of Blue Yoshi and Simon Templar) in 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 AD as the main universe came to an end.


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